Candiani Denim Mill is one of the most renowned textile producers in the world operating in Italy since 1938 with a focus on innovation and sustainability.

With more than 80 years' experience, they have succeeded in establishing themselves as one of the most renowned textile companies and denim manufacturers at an international level. It's built on the one-of-a-kind combination of three founding principles: ‘Made in Italy’, sustainability and innovation. 


Their long-term vision is to aim for a circular model that combines industrial production with regenerative agriculture. This model entails the full completion of a product's life cycle: at the end of life they use the resources that have been originally used to make that product to grow new resources. 

The denim of their future will be green, regenerated and regenerative: it won't pollute and, when disposed of, will have a positive impact on the environment and facilitate the growth of new resources.


Indigo Juice®, a dyeing technology designed to conserve water. Indigo Juice®, a 'Made in Candiani' technology, maintains a superficial level of indigo on yarn during the denim dyeing process, it requires less chemicals, energy and water to wash down the indigo. Indigo Juice® allows Candiani to save 15 percent of energy and 15 percent of water in the denim dyeing process.

Kitotex® is a patented sizing technology used in the dyeing and finishing process to replace hazardous chemicals and other pollutants. Kitotex® is derived from Chitosan, a naturally occurring polymer derived from mushrooms that is 100% bio based and biodegradable. It replaces PVA, a commonly used agent in textile ma ufcaturing that contributes to micorplastic pollution. This completely MICROPLASTIC-FREE denim also benefits consumers' health thanks to its anti-bacterial, antistatic, and anti-mite properties.

For our organic cotton products Candiani only source 100% organic cotton, personally selected by their experts, internally tested and certified. The sourcing process is handled according to the rules and procedures of the ICEA, which has granted Candiani the GOTS certificate.

V Sizing A vegetal sizing compound used in the dying process. It is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, and replaces all hazardous chemicals including PVA, resulting in a MICROPLASTICS FREE dye process.