About Us

 We are a small brand who mean big business.

P Denim is an independent brand based in the UK devoted to responsibly made denim for kids (0-10Y). Our focus is to provide real value by creating high quality staple denim pieces that are comfortable, hard-wearing, and made to last. 

P Denim started out of a love of denim and from the legs of old jeans. Founder Kaye Stanton started P Denim in 2017 after being unable to find any simple, good quality, denim pieces for her children. Whilst working in the vintage industry and seeing the amount of denim going to waste, Kaye used the opportunity to solve the problem and repurpose the waste into children’s jeans.

As the business grew, so did the conscious effort to create a product that would continue to reflect the values of our brand.

Founder of Pippins Denim with her daughter wearing a pair of Pippins jeans


Founder Kaye with her daughter Mimi in her P Denim jeans, the inspiration behind the brand. As a parent, Kaye experienced first-hand the difficulties of finding simple denim pieces for Mimi. Denim has so many amazing qualities to it; it's durable, hard-wearing, a material that's made to last, so who better to really wear it than our kids?    


Denim as a material is also simple, but effective. Its versatility and durability has made it a staple across the world. It also makes it a great material to use for kidswear. It's comfortable enough to be worn everyday but sturdy enough to withstand the everyday. 

Each of our pieces have been designed to grow with the child and feature elasticated waists, longer arms or legs that can be worn turned up and drop down as your child grows. 

We use 100% cotton and nothing else so our denim gets better with every wear as it softens, and, over time, will tell your child's individual story. 

Overcomplicated products and design don't last. We pride ourselves on P Denim being the staple pieces that are timeless, seasonless and will be worn time and time again. It's that simple, really.  


It’s not enough just to say we’re a sustainable brand, we need to show it. It’s why transparency is key. We love to tell the story behind our products and ask who made our clothes and where they came from. 

We not only want to be honest to our customers but also to ourselves. We continually ask ourselves how we can improve, be more efficient and create less waste. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being pragmatic. And we want our customers to be a part of that journey.