A day in the life of denim - P Denim Founder Kaye Stanton

Welcome back to our journal series, ‘A day in the life of denim’, where we reach out to kindred spirits and discover what makes them tick. To start us off, we introduce Kaye Stanton, the founder and creative behind our brand. We asked her to take us behind the scenes for a day in her world...



What time do you wake up and where?
I am woken up around 6:30am by my youngest daughter Vivian (3), who wants to chat, read books, and play. Fortunately, I am a morning person!

Where are you usually based?
I live and work in Sheffield, UK.

What does your average day look like?
My day starts with the nursery/school run. Then straight to the local coffee shop (200 degrees) for my caffeine fix, before I set my priorities for that day. I am still juggling lots of roles including marketing, sales, and product development. Even though I really miss getting hands on with the manufacturing, we still sample and product develop in house.

Do you have any rituals?
My morning coffee is a must to survive my young kids! I love to read, and attempt yoga (despite not being very flexible).

Where is your studio located?
We have a studio in an old victorian cutlery factory in the city centre that we used to manufacture from, and we now use as office and sampling space. It has lots of natural light and good vibes.

How has your background influenced who you are today?
I am a business geek at heart. I love talking and reading about business. I get so excited by other peoples entrepreneurship and success stories. I have always wanted my own business (I had two small businesses previously). It took me many years and many different paths for me to get to the point of starting P Denim. In hindsight, this was all part of the journey and experience to get to this point.

How did you get your start in fashion?
I have always loved fashion. However, I wasn’t confident enough to study it at university. I would collect vintage and started sewing from a young age. I hope I can be an inspiration to others that you don’t always need a degree in the field to pursue your passion.

What was the impetus behind starting your label? I started P Denim in 2017 after being unable to find any simple, good quality, denim pieces for my children. Whilst working in the vintage industry and seeing the amount of denim going to waste, I used the opportunity to solve the problem and repurpose the waste into children’s jeans. As the business grew, I moved to working with sustainable denim mills.

What are the most important factors for the brand?
Sustainability, Quality, Longevity, Comfort, and Transparency.

How do you get into a creative headspace?
I love the clarity and creativity I get from travelling. I always come back feeling motivated. I like sitting in tiny, independent coffee shops and people watch. There is nothing more authentic than everyday people’s street style. I could happily spend my days off work mooching in charity shops (thrift stores). The thrill of finding a vintage gem really inspires my creative thinking.

Whilst working, where do you go and what do you do to take a break?
My dog Morris (Border Terrier) often comes to work so I try to break the day up with a fuss and a loop around the block. We keep saying we are going to do some yoga to take us away from our screens and for a stretch.

Do you have a favourite piece from your collection?
I will always love and have a soft spot for our kid’s jeans. It is where the brand started out and continues to be our iconic product. They are intentionally simple in design, have a relaxed fit, and grow with the child. Everybody needs a pair of jeans in their wardrobe. Whatever your story, whatever your style.

What’s on your bookshelf right now?
Four Thousands Weeks by Oliver Burkeman and I Never Said I Loved You by Rhik Samadder. I like to juggle two different styles of books at the same time to suit my mood. I try to read every evening before bed to switch off my work brain.

What do you usually do for dinner?
I love eating and live for my next meal, though I have become a lazy cook over the years. We are really spoilt in Sheffield, UK for small independent restaurants.

What time do you go to bed?
Around 9pm and read. I’ve been known to race the kids to bed at 7pm!

Last thing you do before you sleep?
Put my gratitudes in order and focus on what i’m manifesting for my future.

What do you dream about? Food and travel. I would love to buy an old house in France to renovate.


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