For the love of denim

My love letter to denim...

Founder Kaye as a child in the 1980s wearing stonewash jeans, braces, black boots and a mullet.

Where do I begin with my love for denim? Like most people, I think denim has been ingrained in my everyday from a very early age. When I started writing this, I actually couldn’t remember my first pair of jeans and then I came across a photo and I realised that it must be where it all started. Stonewash jeans and the 80s, need I say more? My mum says she struggled to find any cool clothes for kids so would make her own for me (this did include a leather mini skirt and jacket!) Weirdly enough, history has repeated itself as my own struggles to find denim for my girls is the whole reason why I started my brand.

I think I have always loved denim and been subconsciously drawn to it. I love everything about it. And when I mean love, I mean obsessed. I love the tones; to me, they are the neutral I build everything around. I love the heaviness of denim and how it makes you feel when you wear it. That feeling of structure but not restriction, the instant feeling of being more put-together as soon as you wear it. I love its longevity, how it gets better with every wear and tells your own unique story over time. It’s the perfect staple to any wardrobe, whatever your style and whatever your story. I mean, what other garment could you say is as iconic and as heavily featured in wardrobes across the world?

It’s funny because I never intentionally set out to work with denim or start a denim brand. And in all honesty when I did start sourcing denim to work with, I was completely intimidated by the world of raw denim and the unwritten denim rules that came with it. But I continually remind myself how inclusive denim really is and when it comes down to it, it just wants to work hard for you and make you feel good. I think I try to reflect that in the pieces I make.

Just writing about my own love for denim makes me think how incredible it is that this piece of material has become so significant to each individual. Each item contain their own memories and offers up their own stories to tell; the first pair of jeans you wore on a date, that pair that finally gave way and split whilst dancing on a night out, the pair that travelled across Europe in your 20s whilst you’re finding yourself.

I love this journey that I am on with denim. Starting this brand has meant I’ve been lucky to not only develop my knowledge and understanding from a technical perspective but also work with a fabric that I find fascinating and gain a deeper appreciation for it. I feel like I learn something new about it and grow to love it even more each day. You could say I’m on a blue pilgrimage and the adventure is only just beginning.

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